Lisa Madden

Recover. Rejuvenate. Revive

Transformation Massage has provided outcome-based, pain focused massage therapy to the Minneapolis and St. Paul cities since 2016. I have made significant efforts to provide a safe and relaxing environment where people from all walks of life are welcome to come as they are, ready and with a refreshing attitude. My clients are encouraged to truly be themselves, regardless of faith, ethnicity, gender, or orientation. I believe the healing art of touch can enhance the quality of life for any and everyone, no matter their circumstances. So I’ve combined several modalities to create a unique and personalized synthesis for each client. Because life can be tough, and one can work under very stressful conditions, I intentionally create a massage that will suit my client’s specific needs. The pressures of the day can often take a toll on our health; so my tranquil approach offers harmony, balance, and ease in your busy life. At both the Illinois School of Massage, and Kaplan College, I learned many skills and modalities from amazing instructors. It was through their guidance I acquired a hunger to help people feel good and lead pain-free lives. I genuinely enjoy focusing on your personal needs and goals toward wellness, empowerment, and improvement, so our spa accommodates your busy schedule to customize our services based on your specific needs. Knowing your particular needs, I create a massage package tailored to relieve your problems by providing you with information and skills to get your body functioning more efficiently. Not only do I assist you with relieving pain through the power of touch, but I’ve also adopted the “one client two hands approach”. This is how I not only provide massage but educate you on ways to prevent your pain from returning consistently, and possibly avoid pain altogether. With this knowledge and new set of skills, my client’s lives are transformed. They are prepared to deal with the stresses of everyday life.

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Our Philosophy

Massage is certainly not just a luxury anymore. massage is a way of life, enabling you to maintain physical and mental wellness and keep your body functioning the way it was meant to.

A massage paired with healthy eating, meditation ,and exercise is a way to provide the necessary maintenance your body needs. Massage coupled with these additional elements will stimulate the body’s many systems and get them functioning properly again. We only have one body to work with, helping you taking care of it is my number one priority.